2. rPredictorDB Technical Documentation

This is the technical documentation (NOT reference) of the rPredictorDB infrastructure.

Information here should cover the individual rPredictorDB components and how they fit together, on the level of why they are there.

The instruction on setting up rPredictorDB from scratch are covered by rPredictorDB setup.

2.9. RSS Channel

RSS channel functionality is in BaseModule in RssPresenter. It uses DbService for getting and manipulating data. Displaying RSS data is very straightforward - it simply loads specified amount of records from database and display them into view.latte template. Updating (inserting, editing and deleting) is done in add, edit and delete actions of the same presenter (only one template - add.latte is used for both). Updating requires user authentification which is very basic - it uses Authenticator service, which is a standard part of Nette framework. It simply checks whether user inserted correct username and password. Both username and password is stored here locally, because there is no need for having multiple users (and thus implementing a more complex authentication system).

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