exported data

database dump

cp-predict utility


Here you can download complete data from our database. Download either whole database dump or one of the six CSV packages. Complete documentation of the database structure can be found in our documentation. The CSV packages contains complete record information including predicted secondary structures for each record.

You can download those packages here:

You can also download visualization of structures in rPredictorDB created by RNAplot and TRAVeLer.

Templates used for prediction of structures in rPredictorDB and their visualizations for TRAVeLer you can download here.

You can read more about the data in our documentation.

An algorithm for template-based secondary structure prediction

You can also download the used prediction algorithm. This archive contains MATLAB scripts with the used algorithm for template-based secondary structure prediction. You can easily run cp-predict using this script with your data on your machine - read more about running cp-predict script in our documentation.